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Getting fit does not mean just spending hours in the gym. It means working out what works for you, devising a plan and having the discipline stick to it. So many mistakes are made when people follow a standard approach and don’t see results. Our mission is to offer a support system for our clients, to keep them motivated and enjoy their fitness journey – rather than viewing it as a chore.


We know the human body isn’t designed to only move that way, so we’ve used our years of training and expertise in human movement to create a unique training system that trains your body in all three planes of motion. By utilising this unique approach, we can help you become fitter, faster and stronger far more efficiently than traditional exercise programmes while also helping you eliminate injuries and move pain free.

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We are thankful to have been able to reopen our doors following lockdown restrictions lifting. Gym OneThreeOne are committed to providing Birmingham residents with a safe and affordable place to get a great workout. Being physically and mentally fit has never been more important and we have taken all necessary steps to ensure our gym is safe for all visitors.


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Andy Jones Gym OneThreeOne Owner

Andy Jones has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and always had the dream to open a gym. Working in a variety of fitness facilities over the years has helped Andy form the image of his dream.

He wanted it to have the ease of access found in local authority gyms, the costs for members to be low like budget gyms but the experience to feel like a high end gym.  Most of all Andy wants the members of the gym to feel relaxed, like being in their space.

At the forefront of Andy’s vision was ensuring that members felt like an individual and given the experience they deserve. Unfortunately this has become lost along the way in many of the fitness facilities, it’s time to bring it back.


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